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Qualified Inspectors

It’s nearly impossible to judge a roof’s condition from the ground, and getting on the roof can be hazardous for most homeowners. The only way to get a full evaluation is to have a qualified professional perform an on-roof inspection. Tulsa Roofing Etc has qualified roofing inspectors with years of claim damage experience.


We Have Extensive Experience

When we arrive at your home, our roofing specialist will begin by examining the interior of your home, looking at ceilings, walls and attic spaces for any evidence of water damage. He’ll survey the perimeter of your home, noting the location of roof features and observing the condition of siding, soffit, fascia and guttering. Water stains, hail damage and dry rot on these areas could signal problems. After climbing onto the roof, he will closely examine the roof structure, noting areas of concern such as hail and wind damage or…

What We Check:

  • Loose or worn shingles
  • Loose or missing flashing
  • Damage caused by branches, hail or wind
  • Dirty, clogged or improperly working gutter systems
  • Damaged or missing vents, or not so great installation of vents, and pipe flashings
  • Poor installation of chimney flashings
  • Caved-in areas on roof decking

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